English as Second Language


- Offers a short training course for students to review basic topics in English such as Subject-Verb agreement, Parts of Speech and English Tenses. This course will refresh their knowledge previously studied and learned in English. The course will also target major components of communication: listening, speaking, reading and writing. It is a 2-hour session for 8 or 12 days.



Offers an individualized training program to develop a deeper understanding of topics in English. Students will be taught more formal and functional grammar with vocabulary build up to improve accuracy and fluency in speaking. Additional emphasis is given to pronunciation to neutralize the student’s accent. It is a 3-hour session for 8 or 12 days.



Offers an in-depth training on all macro skills in communication. Intensive practice in speaking is provided to get the student to speak fluently and confidently in different situations.  English for Special Purposes (ESP) like Business English  and  English for Academic Purposes (EAP) falls under this program.  Specialized techniques in listening, speaking, reading and writing is taught to help the learner survive in any situation where English is needed. Cultural immersion is an add-on to further develop language skills. It is a 3-hour session for 20 days. 


  •  develop an understanding of how standards and test specifications should align with test items
  • learn how to evaluate test quality and the most appropriate delivery method to meet goals
  • conduct psychometric analyses of test results and identify opportunities for curriculum improvements
  • review the principles and benefits of scaling and equating in large-scale assessments