Eligibility for Admission

A. Entry Requirements

General Entry Requirements:

  • Participants from Native English-speaking countries, Non-native English speaking countries, different cultures, religions, and Persons with Disability (PWD) are welcome to enroll in the program provided that they would be able to meet the specific qualifications listed below.
  • Participant should be at least 18 years old.
  • Participants should have at least a High School Diploma.


Specific Entry Requirements:

  • The participants should demonstrate a high level of competence in reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in English as appropriate to a teacher of the language.
  • The participants should be willing to pay for an admission test fee of Php 500 or P5,000 enrollment fee to reserve a slot. The said fee can be deducted from the overall tuition upon enrollment.
  • All participants must take the Institute’s English Diagnostic Test and the Test of spoken English to assess their level of competence.
  • A participant must get a score of 60 in the English Diagnostic Test and a score of 50 in the Test of Spoken English in order to be admitted to the program
  • Participant who has previously taken the International English Proficiency exam maybe exempted from taking the Institute’s entrance exam provided that he/she could present the following proof of competence: IELTS (min of 7.5 in all sub skills) TOEFL iBT score of 90 and above;


Important: Applicants must certify that all documents submitted as part of the application for admission are authentic. Any falsification of academic records through omission or misstatement may result in cancellation of admission and/or other disciplinary action by American TESOL Institute Philippines. Each student is responsible for all information contained in the student’s application for admission even if a consultant is employed in the application process.



B. Program Policies

Prior to the admission, the students should agree with the terms of the program, such as indicated below:

  • The participant has to pay a reservation fee of Php 5,000 on or before the start of the class or during the visit of the student for their assessment test to secure a slot;
  • The participant has to pay the remaining balance on or before the (6th) day of the class or session;
  • In case of absences, participant must be willing to make up for the missed class with a fee of Php 1,500/day to complete the program unless applicant is able to provide a Medical certificate due to sickness or an excuse letter due to typhoons or other calamities;
  • The participant must complete all the necessary criteria to pass the course;
  • The participant must have a complete attendance for the required eight (8) in-class sessions;
  • The participant must pass all the necessary teaching demonstrations with competent standing;
  • The participant must pass the Summative Test with a score of 70% above;
  • The participant must conduct and pass the Final Teaching Demonstration with an average score of 80% above.



C. Submission of Requirements

The participant must submit the following documents for the Institution’s record purposes:

  • 3 pieces Passport Size Pictures
  • Photocopy of TOR/Diploma
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae